Curling My Hair: Should I Give It A Try?

When my eldest daughter was younger, she would always play like a hairdresser and fix my hair. She enjoyed and even to this day she will comb my hair for me. At one time, I thought she might want to be a hairdresser or barber when she grew up. Now my four year old has the same habit. She will pretend to be fixing my hair when she is really messing it up. She is having fun and she is not pulling on it, but it really does not look good. I have long black hair and when the kids “fix” it for me, I often have to redo it.

One thing I have not tried was curling my hair. I wonder how I would look if I tried to curl my hair? I looked at the hairstyles that were shown on and was really impressed with the variety of styles. I don’t know if I would want my girls to try this technique on me but I might want to try them on myself. I mean the styles look really neat. I am sure my youngest daughter would have fun if I were to curl her hair, but my eldest? I am not sure, since she is a competitive swimmer, she might not like it, but then again, I can ask her.

When I think of fashion, I normally think of clothing and really not so much about hair fashion. If I curl my hair, do I need to change the way I dress? What will my family and friends think if I do curl my hair? But now that I see what can be done with my straight black hair, I want to see how I look with a head full of curls. What do you think? Should I give it a try?

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