GIBI: Ripped Off!

Last Friday, when my eldest came from school, she was so worried with her new school shoes that I just bought last June. It was ripped off on the side, I asked her what happen. She said she doesn’t know. When she arrived at school, she noticed something on her shoes and when she checked it, it was ripped off. The shoes worth P1, 800.00 I bought it because of its quality, it will take sometime before it would damage and since I know my daughter so well when it comes to shoes, I always see to it that she is wearing durable shoes. The brand of the shoes are GIBI and I am aware too that their materials that they are using are not easily damaged, but what happen to this? And this is not old stocks because before I bought it, the label says “new arrival” so I know it is totally new. Geez! Now I have to have it sew in the shoe repair shop, and it should be fix the soonest possible time otherwise my eldest will had nothing to wear at all. For now, she is wearing the old Marlboro shoes, which was also repaired few months back.

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