Rubber And New Fins For Her Training

Geez I thought I could watch a movie today with some of my blogger friends but the other one will be going somewhere so we can’t push through of our today’s plan. Anyway since I don’t have company in watching a movie that I’d been so longing to watch and since I guess it is too scary to watch alone, I will just wait for my friend to come home on 31st from Bohol and we will watch together.

So since the plan will not push through today, I will instead let my daughter does her KUMON and training today, and we will also go to the mall to buy her a rubber for her training and so as new fins since the old fins could no longer fit her. Her feet are too long to fit that, I should have bought that last year, but I keep on forgetting. After I finished reciprocating the blogger syndicates, I will have to fly away to attend what I need to do today. For now, I have to concentrate on visiting some blogs.

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