Tips For Lashes

I just read this tip from working mom magazine July 2012 edition. It is how you score prettiest lashes with your mascara and this is the following.

PRIME- Thin lashes with a conditioning lash primer, there are mascaras that is waterproof, you might want to try it with your thin lashes.

PREVENT- Smears and streaks on your eyelid by shielding it with a guitar pick, calling card or credit card or tooth pick, places above lashes when you apply mascara.

CURL- Avoid an unnatural looking L-shape by squeezing your eyelash curler along three sections of your fringe: base, middle and tip.

CUSTOMIZE- Combine a volumizing and lengthening formula for turbo-charges lashes.

I hope this tip and trick would help you especially to those working gals out there. I used to be a working girl yet even if I am not I still want to try my best to look good and feel good by putting some light make up on my face.

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