Playing Games With My Phone

I just bought a new phone and one of its features are a must love by everyone including my kids is the android application. My daughter could not resist to download more games but the problem is whenever we’re at home I could not used my phone because she is using it for her games. She has a Nintendo DS but because I did not buy her new games, she did not use it yet I am getting annoyed of not having my own phone at home because she’s playing with it. That’s why I am having a thought to buy xbox games for her in a few months, maybe if she could qualify for DAVRAA and PALARO in swimming competition, then that is my reward for her. But for now I really have to remind her that I bought my phone for communication and not for downloading games and playing with it, although yes I admit I am enjoying it when I played one of the games that she downloaded, it is a good past time for me when I have to wait for her to finish her training at the pool or attending her KUMON sessions.

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