My Favorite Belt Is Broken

My favorite white belt is broken, when I tried to tighten it yesterday the hooked retired. Now I went out without a belt wearing on and I am not used to it. I should have to have a belt, my niece wondered why I keep on wearing a belt while my jeans are tight enough for me, she said that’s only when your jeans are loose but for me, belt makes me look slim even though I am not, I know. I have two belts, one black and one white, and it was a good timing because I could not find the black one, I hope I could still see it since sometimes some of my accessories or things would gone in this house without me noticing, they sometimes gone like a bubble. And it will never return to me, there are times I could only find it on someone’s wearing it already. Anyway I am planning to buy another belt I just don’t have time right now to look for some belts in the mall. Uhmm I wonder what style this time I would like to have, I want stylish but simple.

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