Apron For Nutrition Month

It is Nutrition month, my youngest has her nutrition month at school, I bought her a new apron, I didn’t expect that there’s an apron available of her size. Good thing we bought an apron that day because when we went to the mall, there’s only one available, I grabbed it immediately. When my daughter tried it when we went home, it fitted to her perfect. And when my eldest daughter tried it also since they also have their nutrition celebration this month, it also fits her. So, I don’t have to buy an apron for her, she said she will just borrow 3 wine glasses at my sister’s. The apron was only P85.00 but you know what the biggest size was only P50.00 therefore; the biggest size this time is the cheapest LOL. The apron has a design of Dora so my youngest could not ask for more; of course it is her favorite.

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