No Throwing Up This Time

Yesterday, I supposed not to take my daughter to the pool where the venue for her swimming because I was not feeling well but she was already absent for two days so I have to take her there.

Really, these past few days, I easily get tired and always ran out of energy but I don’t like to take my vitamins, the one that my husband gave me are too huge. I am so envious with my daughter because she can just take her vitamins so easy. I know, I may need gummy vitamins adults so in that way, there will be no throw ups will happen, yes I would throw up sometimes when the capsules are so unbearable to take because of its size.

Lately, a friend told me about Smarty Pants Vitamins, she even told me to read all the benefits I can get if I would take one for myself, she is certain that I will love the taste and I will not throw up anymore. Plus, this won’t run out my energy at all when I go out to send my kid to the pool or to take them out in the mall. My husband is not here to help me so I need to be healthy and be active for my two gummy bears that are so hyper.

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