To Lose Weight

I have started to lose weight. One reason is that I am getting more exercise and another is I am starting to eat more natural foods. At one time I was not a big fan of eating vegetable and grains with the exception of rice, but as I learn more of what is good for me and my family I find myself planning for more natural foods in our meals.

One thing I know we must do is reduce the intake of fast foods. With all the additives and preservatives that are in food today, it is so easy for our body to use them to build for or to be harmed be the additives. I want to cleanse my body of these unintended toxins. Our body needs vitamins and minerals to thrive. What we don’t need is a lot of additives in our foods.

One way to cleanse diet is to follow a plan and eat foods that are natural and healthy. You don’t need fast food burgers and pizza, though they taste great, they are not the best things to put in our bodies. My kids are learning the habits of choosing good and healthy foods by following my example. My husband says I look great and that put a smile on my face. Eating write has helped me to cleanse my body and with exercise has helped me to lose weight.

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