Shoes Requirement: It Must Be Flat

My niece asked me if I could buy her a school shoes, so last week we went to the mall so she could buy a pair of shoes, the shoes were flat and so I thought that was okay. But the next day, she was given a notification from school, it was about her shoes, they said the shoes should not be extremely flat; it should have at least a half-inch of heel. So she went to the shoe repair to add a heel to her shoes, when I was still in college, our school doesn’t mind at all if the shoes that we are wearing were really flat or have 3 inch of high heels. But now, they are imposing such rules already, I wonder what is the next policy they would impose to the students, maybe they would require a 2 inch of heels already. Geez! I should have known about the policy and so I am aware what kind of shoes I have to buy for my students here.

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