Bought An Earrings Today

Just recently I was hooked up with earrings and bangles. I have varieties of earrings though but sometimes it doesn’t match at all with what I am wearing. So at the mall today, I looked for a circle-like earrings, I have one pair of the same kind before but it ended up as a lock to our bedroom door. Although, yes it has rusted and it doesn’t look good to wear anymore, incidentally, I saw a friend today and she told me of a store that sells varieties of earrings and guess what I like one of the displays and I tried it on right away, I spotted two but of course I can only choose one since I should not be buying it but supposedly I will just make a canvass for earrings yet if I would slip that away I will lose my interest again of purchasing that item. So today I have one pair of silver earrings then, hmmm I wonder next time what item would I buy without planning at all.

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