Got Good Grades For Winning That Piece

When I was browsing the camera of my friend, I noticed she didn’t even deleted a single pictures from her camera and when it stock in camera, it would tend for the camera to hang or won’t function properly at all. So I suggested making a copy to my computer so she can delete all the pictures from her digital camera. I just told her to buy a USB so I can just hook it in my computer and transfer all the pictures to her USB but it took her a while to buy a USB until she has to submit one picture from the one I downloaded to my computer. She messaged me late at night to send that picture to her FB immediately; she instructed me a picture of her wearing a chef wear with a vegetable on her hand. I was amazed with how she arranged the veggies on the plate. It was so stylish, she even told me she just got good grades on the arrangement and I sent the picture just right on time she needed it. I am glad that I was able to help her little project and I congratulated her for winning that piece.

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