School Uniforms Are Done

Finally, I am done with buying school stuff for my kids, the school uniform of my youngest daughter was already done and she has been wearing it for one week now. My eldest daughter wanted to buy two school uniforms but since she would graduate this school year, I rather not to instead I have adjusted it to make it bigger so she can still wear it. I hired a sewer to adjust the bottom. Why I did not buy her new uniforms? It simply because after she graduates she could not wear it anymore because she would transfer to another school and they will be having another color, style of uniforms. So it would be a waste of money if we would buy school uniforms for her. Good thing she understands that, and even there’s only a little adjustment that has been made, I don’t hear any complaints from her at all. School uniforms are done now, I wonder what’s next in line?

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One Response to “School Uniforms Are Done”

  1. sims says:

    Its really cute to look at the kids wearing uniforms. Though we don’t like to go to school at childhood I really miss those days now.