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Shoes For The Girls And Pool Membership Fee

My husband was not able to get online today, he said that his Internet is not running and he has to call the agency for so many times. So I am here waiting for his call every now and then for some updates.

The other day, my sister informed me that F needs a rubber shoes for her P.E. subject, my eldest daughter needs one pair of wedge sandal for her news reporting on Tuesday. She has been eyeing the sandal at the mall for a while now, I know that she can still use her other sandals but okay as I think one pair of sandal as long as my pocket could keep it up. I told her we could buy that tomorrow; I still have money left though from yesterday’s salary from my husband lol.

On the other note, the other half was to pay for the pool’s membership fee so to get bigger discount. So we are settled now in terms of the location of the training, I hope this time we could stay even longer. I am crossing my finger to it.

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