Two Shoes In One Month

Can you imagine? I bought 2 different styles of sandals for one month and these are even a bit expensive. Geez, I know I promised myself not to exceed my expenses but oh ya know when women went to a mall and they agreed of something, your pocket will be empty. Oh well, I guess it is all worth it, last year I was not even able to buy new things for me because I always bought clothes that were second hand, I am not complaining of it though as it fits me and it looks good in me. But on second thought, it is much better if you buy things that are new because obviously you are the one who first wear the item. I bought two shoes because the first one, I have spotted that for a long while now, and I said to myself I will have to buy that shoes, the second pair of shoes was a match to my dress for the dinner party of my friend. So I guess, I will never have to complain of the expenses. Waaaaaaaaaahhh!!!

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