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Inexpensive Bag

My niece wished for a new bag on her birthday so I promised her I would buy her a bag she could use at school. But what I didn’t know was that she already has something in mind and mind you, it is even expensive. We let her choose at the other mall but she insisted that the one she like so much is in the other mall. So I dragged my butt there, I mean I drove down to the other mall with her and my friend. When I found out how much was the bag that she wanted to buy, I almost stumbled, I told her I didn’t even had a bag like what I am using now when I was in college, mostly I just bought some cheap cotton like bag and she wanted to have a very expensive bag, to be exact it is even P2, 000 oh my golly whack shock ding gang golly golly, yeah I know they have a buy one take one but there is no way I’ll be wasting my money for the same material I wanted her to have. I mean with the same style, she could get it from the department store for only less than a thousand. I know I know it is still expensive knowing that she’s just a student yet but it was her birthday so I just let her. So she made her mind, she chooses the less than a thousand at the Department store, maybe just maybe I’ll be getting that for her but heck not this time yet. On the other hand, I still didn’t get her shoes, I’ll be maybe buying her one pair next week, and I need to have a budget for it.

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