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New Umbrella Again And Again

I guess it has been so many times that I bought an umbrella for me because I always lost it, if not my sister or niece will borrow it and will not be back to at all. And this time, it was my niece who borrowed it and when I went out this afternoon, I don’t have any umbrella to use so when I went to the mall I didn’t forget to buy one for me. The new bag I bought was a little bit smaller so I need an umbrella that is smaller from the one I bought before, but I didn’t expect that for a smaller one would be much expensive than the big one. Oh well, I need to be comfortable and I don’t like to hold it whenever I am inside the mall, I need a smaller umbrella so I could just put it inside my bag when I am not using it. So even though it is a little bit heavy on my pocket, I will just have to deal with it.

Thus, the one I bought is a four folding pink umbrella, it does fit in my bag and I hope it will stay for me a little longer unlike with those hundreds of umbrella I bought. Especially when the weather nowadays are so unexpected, it will be too hot in the daytime and then later the rain would start to pour.

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