Wedge Heels in Mags

It has been a while that I keep on spotting that closed type wedge heels in Mags, it is a bit expensive but I made a promised to myself I will gonna go back there and get it. And so when I went back with two friends in SM yesterday, I asked her if we could go to Mags because I have shoes that I really wanted to buy. I showed it to her and she said it is indeed nice, yet I still went around and saw another wedge shoes this time there’s a bit open in the front unlike the other one. I was confused which to buy already but my friends suggested I should buy the open in the front kind of wedge, as it is sexier one me and it is also more fit on me too. So when I was paying my wedge in the cashier my friend tried the one that I picked first, and she loves it and I must say it looks good more on her. She doesn’t like to spend much that day but I have convinced her and later when we went out in that store we carried two bags of Mags, yes she bought a shoes too.

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