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Tote Bag On Sale

I have a hard time closing my bag the other day but I didn’t have a budget to buy one for me at that time. But I just can’t take it anymore the next day; I really have to buy one for me already because it won’t lock anymore. Good thing some of the bags in the mall were on sale, my friend helped me choose one but she picked the one that is expensive, at that time I just can’t afford to buy such, although I want something cheaper yet I also want to wear a bag that is comfortable and nice at least. So I roam around more and then I found one, it is a tote bag or at least that is how I noticed of the look. What makes me like it is it has 3 divisions, the two sides don’t have a zipper but an automatic button and it has a zipper in the middle. And guess what? It was only P549.00 it is cheaper than of the P780.00; it also has an extra string if you want to sling the bag. But nah, I am not going to use the sling because I am comfortable with its handle.

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