My Little Inspiration

We were looking for a cheaper shoes when we were in Manila and yes we found one, my friends even bought like two pairs of rubber shoes for her walking every morning while I bought one pair of shoes for my aerobics at the gym. But the gym was set aside because we want to try the belly dancing and I didn’t know that rubber shoes are not allowed. I was like uh uh I can’t used my new pair of rubber shoes, which I have asked the in-charge of the store so much to lower the price despite the label of “Tapat na po, wag makulit”(The price is standard, don’t be too annoying) or at least that is how I understood the sentence in English, spare me LOL. Since I did not bring any flat sandals, we just dance the belly dance with our barefoot. The instructor told us to make sure to bring sandals and not the rubber shoes.

Thus, until now I still did not use my new rubber shoes, nonetheless if I would do the walking or jogging tomorrow when the sun is not that visible anymore. I am crossing my finger to do what I promise to myself this month and that is to exercise myself and lose weight. The new pair of rubber shoes is my little inspiration plus that wedge I spotted in the mall the other day, I swear to GOD, I will buy it in the coming days.

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