Taking Extra Care Of Myself Now


I have mentioned in my other blog regarding with my newly purchases. My friends called me a person who does not afraid of sunlight, in fact the sunlight is afraid of me because no matter how hot it is outside I will never find a shield for me or never used an umbrella. My friend J even chased me with her umbrella because it was too hot at that time when we were walking together outside the mall oh well we are the exact opposite because no matter how many things she has carried on her two hands she still have an umbrella with her, no matter how difficult her situation is as long as she have an umbrella with her, she’s already okay with it.

On the other hand I know I am getting bigger so I am working hard for me not to get really big. I am actually planning to get back to the gym and starting to minimize the carbohydrates intake.

So just last week my friend and I went out in the mall to buy Cosmo skin pills, it would help you to lighten your skin as they said it is effective although many are said that the inject glutathione is faster But geez I don’t want to inject myself with that, besides I don’t how to inject. Am I serious with all of these? Yes I am serious, so from now on I will have to bring an umbrella every time I go out. I guess it is not wrong to price ourselves for us to look good. As I am gaining weight, I also bought a slimming coffee, but honestly I really don’t like the taste but for the sake of my mission to lose weight, I’ll just have to be patient with it. Go Go Sago!

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