We Bought Some Pasalubong In Divisoria

The other day my friends and I went to Divisoria to buy some pasalubong and some blouses and shoes for us. The moment I stoop down there, I could see a lot of crowds going in and out from boutiques and some stalls. We had gone first at the shoes stall where I could buy branded shoes with cheaper price. Honestly, that was my first time to see branded items with lesser price, I mean I know those are only imitations but geez we could not find this in our place, I guess there was but I just didn’t went there, maybe I have to venture more of this at DCLA.

And aside from it is already affordable we could even ask more to lower it so from P450.00 we were able to ask for it to P430.00, fit flops with P300.00 price was P280.00 so on and so forth. I bought rubber shoes for me and fit flops for my sisters, blouses for nieces and watches for nephews. The place was crowded and tight but it’s all worth it as we grabbed more and more discounts.

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