Thank You Ate For The Treat

Divisoria is the place where you could buy bags or things that are very affordable, I haven’t gone to this place yet I always seen it on TV, until today.

We were roaming around Harison Plaza when my friend suddenly suggested if I would like to go to Divisoria. And since my daughter likes to buy a pair of shorts we headed to the place, even though we have to tag my youngest daughter with us. I was always worried to tag F to crowded places but since we were many at that time, tagging her all along was not a problem.

So what we bought today are 2 bags for my sister’s kids, each of the pack bag costs only like P230.00, we actually asked for discounts since we bought two bags. I also bought F a blouse that she could match with her brown leggings. Oh well, actually, my daughter treat us for those except the two bag of my sister’s kids. So she was the one who buy the blouse of her sister, she also bought a blouse for her Aunt, her mother’s day gift to her and she bought a blouse and 2 pairs of shorts. She used the money out of her allowance from the DepEd as she was one of the delegates for Palarong Pambansa.

To my daughter, thank you so much for the treat!

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