Modus Operandi?

Today, after my daughter’s training in Woodridge we immediately went to SM to buy her new goggles and since there are no goggles that are durable like of that in Speedo, we choose the same brand. My daughter was so happy about it; she said they don’t have free goggles from the DepEd so it is better to buy a new one. From black, pink and red now she picked up the blue one. After that, we went to the cellphone service in SM for my cellphone was not functioning since I bought a new casing for it. The technician checked the phone and found out that the antenna was not installed. He said that I need to take the phone back to where I bought the casing since they were the one who installed it, they might forgot to install the antennae back. So I went back to G Mall again to tell the technician about the issue, it was indeed confirmed he intended not to install it back because he thought that my phone could still detect a signal without the antennae. I was pissed off with his reason, I mean come on, he is the technician he should know that without the antennae, my cellphone won’t work properly. Or maybe that is one of their modus operandi so we will get back their for another repair and that means another income for them. GRRR!

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