I Got A Pretty Good Deal

The other day, my friends and I went out for a moment to buy some swimsuits at the ukay ukay stall. My friend knew one stall that sells Speedo suits and you can get pretty deal. I was overwhelmed when I saw two Speedo swimsuits that exactly fit for my eldest daughter, it was cost P100.00 but I asked the in-charge if she could price it lesser than P100.00 and she gave me P80.00 each suit. I was able to find one swimsuit for my youngest daughter it has color green and the other one, the brand was Disney, she also gave me P80.00 for each one. So I have four all in all, I looked for a swimming trunk for my nephew and I found one, it was also a Speedo, I asked her if I could get that for only P50.00 instead of P80.00 since I will buy 5 pieces of suits from her, good thing she said yes so I only paid that for P360.00, I asked her if she could lessened the price yet and have it P350.00 she agreed with me. See for five suits, I only paid her less than a thousand, if I would buy it from the Speedo stall in SM, I certainly would spend about P2,000.00. Anyway, when I got home, Jm fits the suits perfectly but with my youngest, the green one was still loose, my eldest daughter was interested on it so she tried it on and it perfectly fit. But with the Disney F was so happy, she always uttered, “Look Mama, it’s a Mickey Mouse club house”. She was definitely contented with what she got, she even guarded me while I was washing the suits. She was so excited to wear it.

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