From P250.00 It Went Down to P150.00

As we went to the American Surplus, Jm was immediately got so busy choosing which original Barbies that are on displays. She really expected that each one only costs P50.00, asides from Barbie she also picked a cloth for the doll. She would buy the Barbie out of the allowance that she got from DAVRAA. She bought another book to read from the other day so all in all I guess she only have like P150.00 at that time. When she was ready to buy that Barbie, the in charge informed her that the doll would cost for P250.00, her eyes grew big, she asked me for a rescue but I told her, you have to put it back as I don’t have extra money for her doll. So the in-charge adjusted the price from P250.00, it went down to P200.00, yet my daughter’s money was not enough. The in charge adjusted again the price from P200.00 pesos it went down to P150.00, when my daughter checked her money it was just enough. She handed her bill immediately to the in-charge and she was happy when we got home. The Barbie was a Hanah Montana, she promised to herself next time she would buy some dresses for the Barbie.

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