School Supplies Shopping Soon

I would probably buy school supplies for my kids before we would go for a trip next month so I have nothing to think about when we go back. Last month the malls were having huge discounts for school bag I hope when I go there by next week, they are still on sale. Jm preferred already a pack bag and not the stroller type, so it is not that expensive but with F I am sure I will buy the stroller type, so it is easy for my sister to bring it at school. I would hire a carpool for them to send them to school so I don’t have to wake up early and drive F to school and besides it is cheaper for me if I would hire a carpool for them. For Jm it would be the same carpool for her, I hope they won’t ask for any increase. So school supplies shopping will be soon so I will not be cramming on June, it is better to buy the school supplies before the school year starts to avoid the too much crowded scenario in the school supplies department.

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