Too Small Swimsuits

Today, we got the swimsuit from the DepEd; it is free for my eldest daughter together with the jacket, tee shirt, jogging pants and the shoes. Her jacket, tee shirt and the jogging pants were fit on her but geez the shoes and the swimsuit were too small for her. Her size is 28 to 30 but the swimsuit that they gave her was only 22, some swimmers sell it for younger ones but nah I will not gonna sell it because I think F could fit the 22 size. Let’s see when we get home, the rubber shoes; I think we will have to give it to somebody.

I am just wondering though why they gave the swimmers the smaller size swimsuits, anyone would know which one fits for 11 years old or even 16 years old. I thought when I went to the Speedo those boxes that the staff marked reserved was intended for the swimmers in our area, I could see they have the size 28 or even higher there but I guess it was not for us. Poor swimmers they could not get their own size, I guess even it’s for free; they still have the right to be given their own size. I heard the budget was about 4M, I think ordering their own size could still cover the expenses.

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