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Shopping Day For Faith

I supposed to take Faith out in the mall today to buy her a dress for her graduation but we were not able to go out because my head is aching all so sudden. It would be a pink dress, and since she will participate for their dance program, we need to buy her a leotard and black shirt too. I don’t exactly know what kind of dance they will do, but I am sure this is something I could be proud of that every parent could be proud of. This Wednesday will be a shopping day for her, I am sure she would be delighted about it.

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Lighting Fixtures For My Home

I like decorating, especially in my home. Wall hangings and window dressings can be accentuated with the proper lighting. Buy the right lighting fixtures for home can really show off your home’s interior. The kids must have light enough to read and do their homework and I must have enough light to do housework and the things I need to do. But this lighting can be attractive. Whether I decide to put track lighting in common areas and ceiling fixtures in bedrooms and bathrooms, I can choose from a lot of different styles of lighting. I want my home to look good and with the proper lighting fixtures and and other décor I can do this.

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