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I Took It, Oh Yeah!

Geez when you want things to come to you, it will never get to you but if you don’t want it anymore, it would even offer to you, lol!

I’d been wanting to have a new watch since the cover of my watch was took off and later it just didn’t work anymore yet the battery was new. And since I don’t have any watch I like when I went to the mall the other month, I just asked my sister to give me one of her watch. But the strap was not good so I have to buy a new one and a new battery, I was already contented with it even though it is a bit off because it was too old.

And then this afternoon, my friend offered me a nice watch, it even have my favorite color and I felt in love with it right away. It was indeed a love at first sight! I asked the price, it was not that expensive and I can pay for it like after 15 days so it was not that burden to the pocket at all. I took it, oh yeah!

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