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The Princess Dress

I seldom bought my eldest daughter a dress, she grew up wearing shorts, jeans and shirts. That’s why I am experimenting with my youngest, I would buy her some dresses, semi gowns and the like. With her birthday last month, I bought her a princess dress, in which she loves to wear very much.


The dress was paired with these boots shoes, I know it is some kind a mismatched but F still carried it. In fact she looks so adorable with the princess dress and the boots shoes.


And sometimes we paired it with her school shoes.


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Do Not Spend For Lesser Quality

Instead of buying new couches, it is maybe better to customized it. There is  contemporary upholstery fabric that we could try on for our furnitures, we just have to look for a better deal and everything is set. As I heard we could spend less with upholstery than of purchasing the whole set in the mall, we don’t only have a better deal, we even have it personalized with our choices of design and fabric. And even if we could get the cheaper couches or living room set in the mall, we are not sure if the fabric that they used for it is durable and has the quality unlike if we are the one who picked the materials for our furniture, we would get the assurance that we did not spend our money for lesser quality.

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I Don’t Want To Miss The Fun

I always love wearing shirt but since it is summer I am also longing to wear some summery dress especially when I go to the beach. I know that jeans and shirt is failed when you’re at the beach but I was still wearing it last beach getaway because I didn’t have those beach attires or summer look tops. I am making a promise to myself that one of these days I will be buying those stuffs when I am not that busy anymore. I hope to shop for summer tops just before the summer ends, I don’t want to miss the fun.

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Lost Last Summer

I have mentioned to my other blog our experienced when we were lost last summer. I tell you, it was not fun at all! It is really convenient to secure a Garmin GPS when on a trip because with this gadget, it will trace where you are and meter by meter will direct you to where you want to go. Geez, when we were lost last summer, it took us 5 hours to locate the apartment that we rented for a week. We arrived so exhausted that my friends and I didn’t say a thing at all, we just want to eat our dinner and rested. The next day, we just laugh our heart out when we remember our experienced in the road.

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