Dressing Up For Valentines Day

I was looking for a dress to wear on Valentines post celebration with my friend, after grocery shopping I went to Department store to look for a dress that is not expensive and I saw this one on the display. I asked the staff if they have the size that fits on me. To my disappointment they have only one available and that was on the display. And since I had enough points in my card, when they swiped it I only have to pay for P100.00, that was a big deal right? I was so glad I already used the points I had in my card although they have to take this dress out on their mannequin.

Since I already have a dress, I also have to buy a bling bling  that match the dress, so the picture below was the one I found.

I bought this wedge during my youngest daughter’s birthday, it was on sale and so I grab it.

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