GT : Romantic Movie

The most romantic I had ever watch was when I was in college, it was the Titanic I am sure you all know that. It was supposed to be a date with my ex-boyfriend but my best fried showed up at the office I was assigned to at the school where I worked for as a working scholar. And I just forgot about my ex and went to my best friend to watch movie with her. My poor ex-boyfriend waited at the school without him knowing, I already enjoyed the movie with my best friend. A week after that we broke up. LOL

And because I fell in love with the movie, I memorized all their remarkable lines especially when Jack told Rose she should never give up and she should survive.

2 Responses to “GT : Romantic Movie”

  1. Gaylee says:

    I thought you’d say you broke up because of Titanic, hihi! Minus the tragedy, I’m awed with Jack-Rose love story.

    Visiting from GT πŸ˜‰

  2. Not just romantic but memorable movie, hehehehe!