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GT : Perfect Guy

The time flies just so fast, I never though it is already February, in fact we are on the second of February today and since it is February we could not help but to feel the ambiance of love because this is the month of hearts.

When I was still searching for a perfect guy, I thought that there is really a perfect guy but I realized that there is no perfect guy at all but maybe a perfect match. They said that the opposite attracts and my husband and I are too much opposite that’s what I love him most. I am too outgoing he is not, I like to talk he is silent and I love beach he don’t oh well, he spent 15 years in water because he was a navy so that explain he doesn’t like beach at all.

What makes him perfect for me is that even though I am already pissed at him, he takes it so cool. He understands and would never let go. I admit we are having problems right now, I almost lose hope and I am ready to give up but he never did thus that makes him the perfect guy.