Blouse For My Dickies

Finally, last week I was able to buy a blouse for my Dickies that I have been posting here in this blog. It had a 10% discount so the price was just right. The brand is street and I am not sure if it is branded or not, but even so I am comfortable with the fabric that is used so I am happy.

Next week, my friend and I had plans to dine in Marco Polo Hotel; it is for us to unwind and to experience dining in a prestigious hotel here in the city. We had been planning this for like months now and yet we just could not pursue it so I hope it will go through and for that I am looking for a nice dress to wear on that night and uhmm shoes too!

One Response to “Blouse For My Dickies”

  1. Mona says:

    I’m always looking forward for any discount =) You have a good deal here .. Ako i have no time to unwind siguro not so bless with so many friends haha ..