Longing For A New Tight Blouse

I supposed to buy a new shirt today to match with my blazer but geez on our way there, it was already so traffic so I have to make a U turn going to the grocery store just near at home. In that way, we will not stuck in the traffic later, it was only once that I wore my blazer because I don’t have a tight blouse to wear as the inner blouse for my blazer and they said I should not buy or shop anything on January 1 so I have to wait for January 2 to buy my prospect shirt in Dickies. Anyway, life has to go on, I would wear what is available tonight but definitely no circles printed on the shirts because simple I don’t have one. Happy New Year everyone!

3 Responses to “Longing For A New Tight Blouse”

  1. Mrs.D says:

    have a fabulous 2012 mamiAnne!

  2. Elvirah says:

    A very happy and a prosperous New Year 2012. And i hope you must have got the blouse that fits your blazer and also wish the new year proves to be more worthy of bringing happiness and joy in your life.

  3. Marms says:

    Happy new Year…I bet you’ll look great in your new blouse.