What Gifts Should I Give Him?

It is 7 days to go and it’s Christmas time once again, yet until now I still could not figure out what would I give my husband this Christmas. I was planning hanes underwear but he mostly like wearing under shorts, on the second thought I might buy him wrangler jeans or levi jeans, geez it is hard of what he wants this Christmas although he always told me not to buy him anything because he already have us in his life but even I would still surprise him on Christmas day.

Geez, I don’t know why I am so lousy these days; I didn’t even buy my kids yet their gifts on Christmas. I hope to buy those after my eldest daughter’s final exam at school next week. My kids, nieces and nephews are excited to receive their surprise gifts that I am sure of. Please God, help me to have the motivation to shop next week.

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