So En or Elizabeth?

I am not sure thought but so en brand for underwear is the best known before, I am always seeing that to my sisters before they always love to buy so en brands. Now as the days evolved there were a lot of brands in the mall already, there’s Barbizon, I guess there are triumph and many others. Last year, I tried to buy the Elizabeth and you know what, even it is affordable, it has quality and specifically it is durable. I’ve seen So En the other day, it is much cheaper but I picked the Elizabeth, aside from it is not that expensive but not cheaper compare to So En, I still decided to choose the Elizabeth, their items are just good and comfortable enough, although they need to improvise the design. So which do you really like the So En or the Elizabeth? Hmmm, maybe you preferred the triumph or so because it has been proven and the brand itself has a say. Am I right?

One Response to “So En or Elizabeth?”

  1. genny says:

    Avon here ann..hehehe mas nice pati ang fittin…:-)