Finger Paddle and A New Goggles


My daughter’s coach required us to buy a finger paddle that could straightened their fingers when they do the freestyle stroke since most of the time they would let it open and when they do it like that, it will make them slow. Yet, the Speedo was out of stock for finger paddle, so we waited. One day, my friend went to the mall and asked me if I wanted one pair, she will just buy it if there’s already available for us. But when she went there, they said it was reserved, my friend demanded for it because she needs two pairs. The in charge thought that she was a company of the one who reserve for it they gave it to her. Later she told them that she knew those people but they were not teammates, well it was too late for them to say no because she paid the items already.

This was the finger paddle that my friend bought for me, and the goggles in the picture was from my other friend. I bought it from her since it was too small for her daughter who is already in college right now.


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