New Pair of Sandals

Since Mj and I had a deal that if she won gold in the competition that she joined for swimming, I will buy her a pair of sandals of her choice. So after the training and the session in Kumon today, we headed immediately to the mall to purchase the sandals that she like. She was trying to pick some pairs in the children’s shoes but too bad those were not fitted anymore. The sale in-charge suggested looking for a pair of shoes in the ladies department because her feet are way too long already.

She choose a sandal with heels but I disagree because she would probably stumble when she wear those. She spent like hours just to choose the pair she wants. Lastly she showed me a close shoes type, known as doll shoes. It was nice and more decent than the high heels that she picked up a while ago. I paid for it immediately before she would change her mind, aside from it was well-designed, it was not even expensive plus it also has a 5 percent discount. That was a best buy indeed!

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