Havainnas For Me


This was the Havainnas that I keep on telling you about. The owner of these prestigious flipflops is collecting varieties of designs of Havainnas and Ipanima and she just hide it inside her closet. Sounds shopaholic? Yeah I guess she is but when her husband opened the closet, all the flipflops just dropped on the floor. Her husband was a bit pissed off, spending her all money just for all these flipflops is something so she is selling almost all of it. And I am lucky because I am one of those whom my sister offered. My sister is the one selling it; she had a commission in every flipflop she will be able to sell. For these two, I only got it for P1, 400 and mind you these are genuine. If you just wait for the right time, originals like these flipflops I have now will just be knocking on your door. Because I know myself, I will never spend 1,000 bucks just for flipflops I better buy something that is most valuable or most needed than spending too much for flipflops. I know I am so thrifty oh well, I guess that’s what I am even before I got married and become a mother. I’d been struggling for money and so I know how to value it.

One Response to “Havainnas For Me”

  1. kim says:

    same here, girl.. but other people say that when it’s for your collection, then you will be willing to spend much, lol! my collection is books, but i only buy from the second hand bookstore, lol!

    by the way do you mind checking out on The Shack At The End of the Road?