Trend This Week Are Costumes

Since it is Halloween season this week, whenever we go places we always gets amazed with all the decorations. Just like in Woodridge, they were putting some giant images like ghosts etc, etc.

This afternoon when we went to the mall, there’s a parade of these creepy creatures inside the grocery itself. It is just amazing that some people already adapted of how Halloween is celebrated abroad. The people enjoyed the parade; these creepy creatures sometimes would frighten you at the back and such.

My youngest daughter also had a costume party at the school; one student also celebrated his birthday so they just put the date together, the costume party and the birthday party. We didn’t know it because Faith was absent the day before the celebration, so when she went to school she just wore a uniform. My sister called me over the phone to send her mini gown that my other sister bought for her when she went here to visit. Mj does not have school so she voluntarily brought the gown; I also called my sister to bring her a crown if she has at home. Fortunately she said yes, so Faith was solved with her costume. When she went home, she always told me about her crown and that she was a princess.

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