Archive for October 26th, 2011

Curly Hair One Time

The weather was gloomy and I was alone at home since the kids were off to school. When I was combing my hair, it just came up in my mind all so sudden to change my hair style and that was to curl it. I had a gadget to curl my hair and I was not using it for a long time, actually I didn’t use it at all. So when I took it from my closet that was my first time then to use it.

It took me an hour finally to curl my hair and when I went out, my friends were amazed and asked me what did I eat why all so sudden my hair just change lol. Anyway, in fairness they told me that I looked so good with my curl hair, I think to curl permanently my hair but oh well, and I changed my mind.

My Sister’s Digital TV

My sister has a digital TV but they only have few channels since they did not get subscribe to any cable company. Their reception is not clear as well because their antenna could not get enough signals. I always love to watch movies in their TV because it is huge and it is digital but I get annoyed when the reception is not clear. I suggested for her to buy or look for digital tv antennas to replace the one that she had now because really, it is so annoying when you’re in the middle of excitement watching a movie and then all a sudden it does not show anything. I guess she is taking my advice because she has been looking and asking where’s the best deal and what kind of antenna she is buying, so good luck to her in searching the best deal for antennas.

Gifts on my Wedding Anniversary

This was a gift given to me by my friend at the swim club. I supposed to post this picture after the day I received it just after on our wedding anniversary. But all things got crazy, I was too busy to even upload some pictures on my multiply account. Plus the camera needs a repair so it was sent to the repair shop. I have three of these blouses, there were violet and pink. My friend sells some blouses like this and it was funny because some people just thought or even asked me if I am a player of a softball or volleyball because of the label.