Archive for October 15th, 2011

My Sister’s Great Adventure

My sister Irenie will be having her first ride to the plane ever today. Her friend was able to find a cheaper rates going to Cebu and she invited my sister and her friends to visit the place. My sister is so excited, she said for the first she will be able to ride on plane, she doesn’t care about the place since she went already went there but not with a plane though but a ferry boat. Too bad, she messaged me today in FB if she could borrow my camera, but I said no because my camera is in the shop, it really needs to be fix right away.

To Maximize The Utility Of Your Tablet

Touch screens make operating a cell phone or computer very easy. Just by touching the screen you can open the application you want and start using it. Tablet computers are lightweight and very portable. I can remember carrying around my old computer, it was quite heave, but having a Tablet with Keyboard dock is one way to maximize the utility of your tablet. If you want to just use the touch screen or if you want to use a keyboard for faster typing, this is really the way to go. I like my mini laptop, it is portable and light weight, however I think if I had it to do over again, I might get a newer mode with a touch screen and when I want to get down to writing my blog, one with a docking keyboard.

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