Study and Travel Plans

I am thankful that I am starting to implement the no computer and no TV during weekdays. Mj was okay with it but my youngest daughter; she really had an issue with that. Tonight, she cried so hard when I turn the TV off as soon as we arrived from the Kumon and grocery shopping. I bought her a coloring book so I tried to divert her attention, she was later amazed when I started to color it and when I tried to guide her hands, saying up and own while we color it.

We studied her lessons in Math afterwards since they will have a quiz by tomorrow. She won’t concentrate but we’re getting there, I know in time she would listen and would follow all my instructions.

This was taken one night when my youngest daughter just finished with her review. 

I hope we can still do this when we travel in Manila soon, I am not sure as to how many days we would stay there but I would like to bring all these stuff so we can still at least study even we’re on travel. What am I thinking? We don’t even have a ticket yet, LOL. Oh well, let’s cross our fingers.

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