The Meaning of my Dreams

In my other blog, I have posted about my dream this week. It was just so weird and I can actually remember all the details so I wrote it. Now here is the meaning of the ice cream that I just dreamed last two nights when I tried to research it.

Ice cream is a symbol of pleasure so it could also a feeling of contentment and satisfaction, which is true because no matter how stressed I am with this miles apart drama with my husband. It still doesn’t stopped me for loving him each day, although I feel so sad about it but I just have to wait I know. As it said, things are well and the best is yet to come.

Now with the huge house… actually there are many meaning of the huge house. Since the house was likely an ancient can depict what could be called past dwellings or past lives involved in or connected with your present life.

Kitchen- Creativity, mother role, diet.

People – Meets the pressure of the social norms; public opinion

Old Person – Refer to ones parents or to life experience.

Toilet- Usually shows that one needs more privacy and time to oneself.

So my hope to bet in a lotto and could win is not the part or not even stated in the meaning of dreams, sigh!


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