Mission Accomplished

Even though it was already late in the morning that we went out and there were things we have to attend on our way to the LCR to get the death certificate and the permit to exhumed, we had accomplished so much today. I thought we would get any trouble in driving today since there’s a transport stike but I noticed there were many jeepneys that ran today.

Right after we got the permit, we headed immediately to a restaurant to celebrate our wedding anniversary together with my friends, we stayed there for almost 2 hours then me and my sister went ahead to submit the requirements needed for my Dad’s transfer of remains.

Although we were a bit busy along the way, yet we had accomplished everything today. Tomorrow is another day and I am surely I would still be very busy.

3 Responses to “Mission Accomplished”

  1. kim says:

    nice to know that you accomplished something today!

  2. drummer says:

    hi .. nice share about your accomplished something. regards from indonesia.

  3. drummer says:

    i was followed no.26. i’ll waiting you. thanks