The Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge in my life right now is driving, I didn’t expect for it to be too hard. I am driving a car which is too manual and it is definitely not a power steering wheel so it is just so hard when you have to turn right and left. But I have to face my fear, I need to drive alone although I still need to let go of the clutch after I changed gear because that would damage my clutch. I have to drive a bit fast because I am just too slow, I just can’t step the accelerator a bit more. And I have to have proper timing like combining the clutch, then the break and the accelerator otherwise I would stop in the middle of the street. Like a while ago, good thing there’s a good citizen who came to help me, when I pressed the hazard button because I just can’t move the car even though I already stepped the clutch to change the gear. But when the guy was already so ready to help me move it, I suddenly move it slowly. I believe God has been with me all the time, he guide my hands, my feet my all to maneuver it properly. He miraculously guide my hands to move to the other lane when I needed, he guide my feet to the accelerator when I need to run the car in the hilly street and most of all he just took us away from harm.

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