I Miss That Baby In My Womb

I miss being pregnant, I miss that little creature used to just kick in my tummy and every time she does that, I would smile and would say hello to her. But that baby inside my tummy is now a toddler and is so active; actually she just gives me a hug this time before she went off to school. I can’t believe how time really flies so fast, it seems like it was only yesterday that I bought some inexpensive maternity clothes to wear at work and at home and every time after every purchase I will never forget to take a picture of those or take a picture of me while wearing my newly bought maternity clothes so my husband could see how big my tummy was. I could still remember he said it must be twin, actually it was not only him who said that but all of my workmates at the call center. Oh well, they were wrong because I only have one little beautiful baby girl and we name her after my father’s name since they have the same birthday.

One Response to “I Miss That Baby In My Womb”

  1. I also miss having a baby in my womb :). It’s been years, and I want one more, before my biological clock expires.