It feels oh so right!

Maybe I was one of those lucky girls who had given a diamond ring, it was a simple gold plated diamond ring given to me by my husband when he proposed me for marriage and until now I am still wearing it together with my wedding ring. There are no days that I don’t wear my rings, they are my only jewelries.

Every woman would feel so special when their fiancées or love ones would give them rings. Thus, if you are certain that she is the one you would marry, you should give her something special, an everlon ring perhaps and since it is designed a diamond rope ring, I tell you, that moment you propose her, she will ever hug you and kissed you tight while saying the word yes! Because I exactly did that when my husband proposed me while he slipped the diamond engagement ring in my finger although it was just a simple ring but when the one you love give you something special, everything just went bright and it feels oh so right.

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